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I and my Team are collectively Doing a Special Promotion just for you today and we can Offer you a Variety of Bonuses When you Join Up today in the PopIn Box and also Watch the Freedom Video. (Just wait another 15 seconds it will appear for you, the PopIn Box...)

WARNING: This is a Special Invitation that I reserve the right to Pull this off the internet. This will probably be pulled down after you View this 1 time, therefore Do GRAB Your Special Incentive Today when the "POP IN" Box appears in 15 seconds! If you came in off of craigslist or somewhere online, I have a quick $10, a quick $25, and a $120* & a $250* Bonus Reserved just for You! Over $400 in Bonuses!

Before you proceed down the page, I have to Ask you 2 important questions.

First question is "Would you Agree with me that Most people 99.9% of them can truly afford the $10 per month to join this business"? Isn't that right? Yes, most definitely can!

Second question, "What's the population of United States"? _______  Its about 310 million people. So if you take out all the children under 18. That leaves you about 150 million people. Now if you also take out the ones that don't have internet or don't have elementary skills in doing emails or the older population.
This leaves you about roughly about 100 million people nationally.
Here's my question- "Can you find 1 to 5 people to Join you in this business"?____________
Your answer should be Absolutely YES. You can definitely DO this Business! You can find 1 to 5 serious dedicated people, they are all around you. They just haven't Seen the Freedom Video yet.

You can Only Choose one. After you have viewed the longer version 39 minute "FREEDOM" Video by gdi and you're ready to get started, Then just...

~ Join Up Here Now, You Can JOIN Up for F*ree Today, 
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{It's Absolutely for Free to you. You Get *7 days for Free! Make sure you See Greg Lisoff as the sponsor in the top right of join up page. Your credit card will Not be charged until the 8th day. Warning: Viewing this Video from your smartphone may not work. View it from a laptop, desktop computer, or an ipad.}
~ To See supplemental information about, 
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Directions during JoinUp Process; You may want to use just the Ws ending so you don't have to do the extra yearly expense of the $15 for the . Com ending. You can have a . Com website ending if you want to.
You should use your First Name, maybe Middle Initial, and your full Last Name or at least your first initial of your Last Name for Your [Domain Name], the name of your New Website.  This is going to be the name of your website.
You can also draft up 3 names whatever comes to your mind and then call me to go over your information. This name will be Visible to the public when published.

Remember there is absolutely No Risk, credit card will NOT be charged until the 8th day!
Absolutely No Cost for you in the first 7 Days... Its a Free Trial Period! Join Up!

So if you Arrived here on Monday or Tuesday, We'll be giving away the Biggest Bonuses...

Here they are for you;
Monday-Tuesday Bonus is You will Get $120 Cash back (Biggest Bonus) on the 13 month in your business from your Sponsor. However you Must have at Least 12 Active Basic Members in your downline All in Level 1. You have 13 months or 395 days from Start Date to Accomplish this...

Wednesday-Thursday Bonus is You will Get $60 Cash back on the 7th month providing you have in your Downline at least 6 Active members in your Level 1 paying basic plan monthly. You have 6 months to accomplish this.

Friday-Saturday Bonus is You will Get a $10 Cash back  in your 4th month providing you have at least 3 active members in your first 90 days on your Level 1 paying their basic plan monthly.

Sunday Bonus is only a "45 minute 'LIVE' demonstration and Q & A" of this Business of what Greg Lisoff teaches on How to Build this Networking Business into a Large Network. (Value is Excellent- but No Cash Back)

So if you arrived let say midweek or latter, but you really want the Monday-Tuesday Biggest Bonus...
Then Ask your Sponsor by email if they Agree to it, as for me, if I sent you here then You can Have Any Bonus anytime of the Week, but Do call me so I can walk you through this process...
Again you can only Choose one bonus out of the four... Also you're going to Get $25 as a Learning Bonus when you complete the 7 steps in your member's area backoffice.(you get Paid to Learn, like paid training).

~ Join Up Here Now, You Can JOIN Up for F*ree Today, 
Click Here ==> ....FreedomVideo....  

{It's Free for *7 days only. Then is a tiny monthly investment for the tools. Make sure you See Greg Lisoff as the sponsor in the top right of the join up page. Warning Viewing this Video from a smartphone may not work. Try to View from a laptop or desktop computer or an ipad.}
~ See supplemental information about our Bonuses, 
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Also very important and please note if you see your Sponsor's Name & Their Endorsement below, this means they are in Total Agreement with this Special Promotion and Will Honor their Bonuses to you when the time comes for you to recieve them.
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More information below on "How to Start" (Return here After you've Joined Up)...

After you've Joined Up, I'm going to Help You build a Large Network,
My aim or goal is to get you to the $10,000 a month level as quickly as possible,
For your Free Basic Training that I developed for you, head over to my other website,
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Best in your Success,

Greg T. Lisoff 
& the Gdiers Group
I'm eco101
(Nine 71) 222-5815
available 23/7/365
I'm from Portland, Oregon...

P.S. Read this to Understand the Value in having a Large Network!  << Click Here Now.
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p.s. * means performance bonus, meaning you'll do things & tasks online.

Note; The $10 Bonus is paid to you on your 8th day right after you've covered your $10 monthly with Gdi. I can do this by paypal or send you a check or meet you in person and hand you cash in your hands.